Friday, April 25, 2014

Love Life

     Welcome to "Story time with Rob Lowe". I feel that's an accurate description of Love Life.  Now, it's no secret that I adore Rob Lowe, and when I learned that he was writing a second book, well I couldn't have been more thrilled. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: some people have stories that need to be told, and boy, does he have some stories. With quite a range, too. Sweet, funny, and sometimes a little... intense, but all highly entertaining.
     One of the things I love most about his writing is his openness about everything. He shares his feelings and tells it like it is. It's like nothing is kept secret... except maybe a few identities, which is completely understandable.
     In Love Life, Rob takes you on multiple adventures, even behind the scenes of what it's like to be an actor. I'll admit, it sounds a lot rougher than I ever imagined it to be. You can also see, clear as crystal, how much he lives his family. It's a touching thing to read when he talks about his wife and his boys.
     In almost every story, I found a gem of encouragement to strive to be a better me. To quote him, "We are the authors of our own lives; it falls only to us."
     If you're in need of entertainment, or just want to learn a little about an interesting man, I definitely recommend this book. And if you haven't yet, you should get Stories I Only Tell My Friends, too.
     As he so wonderfully ended his book, "Our life is ours. It is the only one we will ever have. And we should love it."
     Very inspiring words, Mr. Lowe. Once again, I was not disappointed in my decision to purchase your work. I wish you the best on your road ahead, and hope that you enjoy every turn life takes you on.